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Paint Enhancement & Preservation

These processes focus on gloss enrichment. Even from new, off the showroom floor condition, your vehicle’s paint surface is not as lustrous as it could be.

Auto manufacturers bare little attention to a painted surface’s overall depth of gloss. Instead, they focus more on unsightly imperfections. These processes take your finish to a level only professional detailers can attain.

Furthermore, these processes can bring life back to your not-so-new vehicle’s paint.

New and used alike can benefit immensely. 


This Is Included With Paint Correction


Surface Decontamination


Rich Lathering Wash


Blowing All Mirrors and Moldings with Compressed Air


Performance Taping To Mask Off Delicate Rubber and Trim Moldings In Preparation For Correction Enhancement Of Paint Surfaces



Performing a one-stage correction removes 40-50% of imperfections and marring. All lighter scratches will be removed, but the overall painted finish will be left with a high-gloss finish.


Performing a two-stage correction removes 51-80% of imperfections and marring. We focus more on removing the medium-level paint defects and swirls to improve clarity and depth.


Performing a three-stage correction removes 95% of imperfections and marring. This process removes scratches that range from light to heavy leaving your vehicle with exceptional optical clarity.

Advanced Correction

Performing a three-stage plus correction removes 99% of unsightly surface defects. This transforms your vehicle’s painted surface to a level only post multi-stage paint correction can achieve.
*If multi-stage paint correction is the choice, applying the ceramic coating is highly advised.