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Ceramic Coating

For optimal ceramic coating performance, the vehicle’s painted surface must be in pristine condition before the ceramic coating is applied.

Many times new and used vehicles must undergo some level of paint enhancement.


Included With Ceramic Coatings

  • Surface Decontamination
  • Rich Lathering Wash
  • Light Interior Cleaning
  • Autobahn Coatings Care Kit with Products


Step 1

Consultation – a thorough evaluation of the vehicle’s current paint condition followed with an estimation of time and steps needed to prepare the painted surface for ceramic coating.

Step 2

Initiation of paint correction process as proposed during the consultation.

Step 3

Upon completion of paint correction, the vehicle must be panel wiped with alcohol panel prep.

  • This removes any product that may be filling voids and may not be visibly present without this step.
  • This wipe-down procedure also ensures 100% adhesion coating-to-paint.

Step 4

Coating – once each body panel is inspected and prepared, the ceramic coating application begins. The SystemX family of coatings are designed to be applied as one robust layer 

Upon completion, topper products are not necessary as SystemX ceramics add an element of superslick (SS) so that a topper step is eliminated. Examples are Diamond SS (5-year coating) and Crystal SS (2-year coating).

Step 5

Wrap up – with every ceramic coating a complimentary interior vacuuming and window cleaning is performed. 

Customer Pickup

Pick up your newly ceramic-coated car with the best protection on the market.